Natasha Lewis - Civil Marriage Celebrant

Frequently Asked Questions

Natasha Lewis
Marriage Celebrant
Newmarket Qld 4051
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Can we write our own vows?
You can write all or part of your vows or the celebrant can give you many options to choose from!
The celebrant will then add in the legal requirements and confirm you are happy with them.

Will we have to memorise our vows?
No, you won’t have to memorise your vows. The celebrant will send you a copy of the final vows at least one week before the wedding. However, the celebrant will guide you through the whole ceremony.

Can I involve other people in our ceremony?
Yes, you can have as many or few as you would like. You will need to let the celebrant know what they are doing so this can be worked into the ceremony.

What can you suggest to include our children?
The children could be ring bearers, flower girls, hold the bouquet, do a reading etc.

Where will you stand during the ceremony?
It is up to you where the celebrant will stand. It depends on the location. I can stand with my back to the guests and you will face the guests, or I can stand facing the guests and you have your back to the guests. Or we all face the guests and I will stand beside the groom (preferred option).

Does my father have to give me away, or can someone else give me away/walk me down the aisle?
Anyone can give you away and walk you down the aisle.

Do I have to be given away?
No, you do not have to be given away.

Do we need to have music?
No, you do not have to have music.

If we do have music who would arrange and manage it?

  • It is the couples responsibility to organise what music you would like to play before,
    during and immediately after the ceremony
  • Background music can be played while waiting for the ceremony to start until the bride arrives (approx 15 minutes).
  • You will not need background music during the ceremony.
  • As a processional: specially chosen music should be played for the entrance of the bride (2-3 minutes).
  • During the signing: this is the best opportunity for special music or someone singing/playing guitar etc...
    (7-8 minutes allowing for photographs)
  • After the ceremony while congratulations are being given

When playing music you need to consider how you will do this.

  • Live music
  • CD's
  • Who will organise the music during the ceremony?

Do you use a microphone/PA system?
The celebrant will provide a microphone/PA system which has a CD player and MP3 player jack.
A PA system is normally required for about 30 or more guests - especially in outdoor ceremonies.

What equipment and resources do you supply?
I supply the selection of vows, suggestions of poems/readings, the Notice of Intended Marriage,
PA System and microphone, conduct the ceremony and do all the legal paperwork.

Do we have to exchange rings or can we exchange something else like roses?
Rings are not a requirement to get married.

Culturally we wear our wedding ring on our right hand. Is that ok, will we still be married?
You can wear your rings on any finger, as rings are not required to get married.