Types of Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

I will help you create a special day that will reflect the joy and happiness that you both feel and the story of your love you wish to share with your family and friends.

Naming Ceremony

To celebrate the birth of a new baby, together we can design a unique celebration of life, which will welcome them into the family, and circle of friends. You can also honour your new child by announcing their godparents/guardian to your family and friends.

Renewal of Vows

When the time is right to show your love and commitment to the one you have loved and shared so many special memories with – a renewal of vows can honour that relationship in front of family and friends. It is important to celebrate the milestones of your marriage or relationship. It can be romantic, fun or serious – or a combination of all of these! For these occasions, children can also make this a special time for you all.


A same sex commitment ceremony is a time to celebrate your love and happiness with each other. Your family and friends can be there to share in this occasion where you commit yourselves to each other. These are just as important as wedding ceremonies, but without the legal requirements.

Other Ceremonies/Celebrations

If you have another ceremony or celebration in mind and it’s not listed here, please contact me as I am able to conduct many different types.

Overseas Visitors

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you to get married in Australia.